Meet My Girlfriend!

22 Th07, 2020
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Episode 3!! So happy y'all are loving the New Season! Can't wait for my merch to drop so y'all can represent it in y'all cities around the world! Please give this video a THUMBS UP!!! LET'S GET THIS TO 25,000 LIKES!!! Thank y'all for making my dream a reality!
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*All clips completely edited by Poudii*

  • LOL if I don't make trending page before the year ends idk what to say. Can't wait for merch to drop!! Content will only get bigger then! Amazing time filming this video! DM proof that you have post notifications on after you watched this and I'll like some pics! No rush tho, finish the video. See you soon, we're gonna take over this platform together! #foreverunderrated

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    • Poudii

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    • Go to fast food places and make your own language prank

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    • whats the intro song

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    • Poudi, would be remarkable in Marketing..he would really put everybody to shame. Gift of gab

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    • Yooo is it possible to see a timeline of your dreads and get some tips from your experience

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  • Poudi got a baddie 🤤🤤

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  • Anyone know the song @0:01 ????

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  • That foo ain’t cole Bennett that’s Bennett cole 😂

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  • What the song called in the beginning

    DICK LoserDICK Loser19 ngày trước
  • whats the intro song?

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  • What’s the song in the intro

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  • Great video

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  • Mtv poudii

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  • What’s the sad frosty song called

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  • don’t go to her ig🙂

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  • Poudii helping cure depression out here, he don’t even know.

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  • I swear I will forever go back and watch these videos when I need to crack the heck up Poudii never disappoints me. This is my type of humor all across the board

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  • I Loved this❤️

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  • I just got recommended original one and down below was this one next up to watch

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  • song at beginning?

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    • @Giuliano Morisi i found it its 18veno 1942

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    • Fr

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  • Bruh cheese doodle boo had me dead

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  • 3:47 my dad got that shirt😂😂

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  • This guy poudii made us remember here cause of those edits 😂😂😂

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  • 6:38

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  • that was a year ago that’s crazy

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  • what’s the name of that doja cat remix

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  • She look like a throat master

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  • n amber got the fattyy

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  • What sad frosty song is that ? @poudii

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  • Someone plz tell me what that song was at the end

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  • Da real ty dolla $ign

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  • Y the sudden random obnoxious loud rock music?????

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  • Bro is a supreme Jacques

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  • She just said she knows cole personally

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  • Someone buy her OnlyFans

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  • Bro u need some cool ass rims now on your car

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  • GTA 5 beach

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  • “Don’t be screaming you white” 😂😭

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  • what song is this!! 13:39

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  • True

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  • Danny Duncan contact

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  • The video he's referring to:

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  • Anyone know the song at 13:41 ?

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  • She mad the sounds and got the cut in the back of a sprinter

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  • What's the first song?

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  • 3:07

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  • Poudii has the personality of a potato smh

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  • This nigga funny asl

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  • “ or put sum chronic meth in here” ..” o shi “ 😭😭

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  • poudii please tell me you hit

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  • What the intro song

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  • Anybody who see this comment Subscribe to my channel so I can hit 10k 😭🤍

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  • What’s the first song called?

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  • Poudii is underrated no cap🔥

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  • 4:36 your welcome just pause it

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  • You should do more videos with her

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  • Poudii: If I bring back a bbw with a fat ass you'll give me 15 back Employee: Of Course😂😂

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  • Bru poudii your content is so dope

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  • I hope there’s merch that just has “Soon” on there

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  • How’s Kenny from the A doing Poudii

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  • poudii hit that

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  • What’s her @ ?

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    • Amber Violets

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  • You to blonde gobble screamin every black person felt that fear 😂😂

  • Started from the bottom now we way up 😂😂😂😂

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  • The shit we did I would never tell sis

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  • am i the only one that think she bad

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  • 12:11 the third time that nigga recreated that shit 😭

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  • I forgot to ask her name drop her ig 😂

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  • Ion know if y’all know this but Poudii one of the best you tubers you could learn from, This dude stay on his grind he don’t buy unnecessary shit

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  • Hey Poudie been a fan since the beginning. When you ty and charc made vids in he atl. You inspired me to create my own VIworld channel . Called EASTVAN HOOLIGANS. Hopefully yall enjoy.

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  • @amberloveofficial on ig

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  • How You Find Out About Veno? Thats Dope, Respect From the City!

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  • What does the mirror got to do with the 🦠 😭😭😂😂I’m weak Then he said didn’t even have to steal today

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  • Getting webseries vibes from the editing. Love it!

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  • Thanks for making me laugh bro 😂😂😂

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  • 13:45 I need that banger 💯

    • Sad Frosty Magic

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    • Same

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  • Don’t shordy be on only fans

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  • Camera man on point

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    • I'm looking for this as well

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  • Damn I mean

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  • He so dsmn funny

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    • Damn I ment

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  • You can't tell me that music that was playing when he was coming to pick her up was on like some love and hip pop type of shit

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  • Poudii i loved that way up car reference

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    • BloxZen frosty snippet call magic

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    • What’s the name

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  • 10:35 estupidaaaa im dead poudi still got that old type of funny vids keep that shit goin G lmao

  • @51 seconds what’s the song?

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  • ☠️☠️😭😭

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  • hi i want you to know that you are beautiful JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

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  • What’s that sad frosty song

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  • Poudii ugly but looks like he knows how to have a good time..

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