Pranking The Same Drive Thru 3 Times In A Row

11 Th02, 2019
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Hope y'all enjoy, I'll be back tomorrow. Love y'all!
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- Ordering With Food That Don't Exist
- Ordering With Food Stuffed In My Mouth
- Ordering Food In Languages I Don't Speak
Inspired by Ross Creations:

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  • I just laughed my life away

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  • i thought you were vegan

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  • Niggga looks like future with the hat

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  • U look like a cute baby elephant

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  • Yo is it me or did he just eat meat

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  • When you said “Shit” at 8:25... I died so hard🤣🤣

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  • I love vlog creations

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  • I could not be in that car with him.

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  • Dis dude saying yes(si) for the longest

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  • i know i’m late by 2 weeks but i love this video

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  • I promise you are the funniest nigga on youtube

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  • This was the funniest video ever moe🤣🤣🤣

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  • I love how issa fruit salad ad in the beginning

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  • Poudiiiiiiipieee

  • Funniest shit ever keep it going bro 😭😭

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  • Outro??

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  • Lowkey VIworld been dry am I da only one who noticed 🧐

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  • Bruh can someone what song is that called from the ending of the video

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  • Go to a Gucci store or 5 star restaurant, any rich place, and try that shit with them?

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  • Quality content

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  • 8:26 *shiit dats a lat of manyy*

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    • PAUSE

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  • Watched this on shrooms and couldn’t stop laughing

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  • Lil poudiii

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  • look like he had waves in the thumbnail

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  • look like he had waves in the thumbnail

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