She Quit Her Job to Come on a Date With Me!

08 Th09, 2020
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  • This is a reupload. Video keeps getting screwed over every time it’s uploaded. It’s okay, we’ll take the L this week’s episode. This made me just want to go harder. Can't wait to show y'all want I did Episode 6! See y’all no later than a week. Young Poudii P

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    • I saw the original, only true fans saw the original and know what happened👀💯🔥

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    • Anime God What If TheOfficialSteezo- Gutta

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  • Where is Charc &Ty ? Where is this rest of the gang ?

  • bwahaha

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  • what I'm suppose to do

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  • 4:29 leave

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  • I can't forget i subscribe to this channel, his videos r lit

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  • How the fuck she thick wit no ass She gotta smoove back 1:40

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  • Dang they didn't ask was the boat waterproof

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  • Poudii annoying bruh😂😂😂

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  • No lie. That niggas song kinda hard though!

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  • All my peeps from the netherlands, how ya'll doin? Probs vibing on "Quarantaine and Chill" song by Leafs innit, sehsehseh

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  • What was that song at the end???

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  • Once He Played Shrooms By Uzi, Ii Turnt Up Ong

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  • Leafs 🔥

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  • Poudii binge

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  • Poudii is telling a very deep story bro I love this vlog!!!!

  • Leaves as putto song u going Dutch?

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  • Why is nobody talking about the fact that he really put the hellcat engine sound in💀💀 2:25

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  • Dat boi da goat I swear

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  • dude it does not take 7hrs to get to Lake Elsinore from LA lmao

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  • Poudii lemme just film for you that’ll be so funn

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  • dude this is WAY funnier cause she looks like she’s not even talking 😂😂😂

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  • Is dis dutch

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  • 2:09 my favorite part 😂😂

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  • that was dope what u did with the guy that raps. He good too

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  • Wait did the girl ever go😂😂😂

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  • Who came for the Dutch music

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  • he really did put a dutch song in the outro. im shookith 😂😂😂😂 this man is goated

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  • can u cut of ur dreads and get an afro man, them dreads dirty af

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  • This song is Dutch it’s form Dutch artist leafs 🔥🔥🔥

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  • Water look dirty asf

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  • What’s the dude that was rapping name

    • DROPSQAUD ENT TheOfficialSteezo-Gutta and same on SoundCloud

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  • “Put Fairfield onna map” 🤝

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    • Yessir 🔥🔥🔥

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  • What’s that song my g. Hit

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    • Jermil Warren TheOfficialSteezo - Gutta

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  • Looking thick

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  • Sooo did she comment heart eyes on every pic thoooo???

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  • *I'ts nice as hell to see Poudii just living life man.*

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  • poudii just keep posting bro cause I can’t keep watching this over and over in 2weeks from a re upload we need episode 6

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  • You should react to XXL

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  • Y u soo underrated poudii?

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  • Who else been waiting for the merch for a long ass time its finally coming let's go!!!

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  • Yessirski

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  • He deserves a mil views a vid like if you agree😕🥺

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  • I love your energy

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  • Do a dreadlock documentary.

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  • Poudii can make the most boring trip look fun asf 🤣💯

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  • U said new video every week but it’s been longer

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  • i though dude was baby tron

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  • Vlog creations just with poudii instead

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  • This is the dude in front of the store song

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  • Ay can anyone tell me the dc the don song that goes lilo and stitch boy you’s a bitch

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  • 9:36 dang Rocco piazza really grew up

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  • this shit funny but i would never go in a car that is crash free with this nigga 😂

  • Whats that intro song that joint crank 🔥

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