Staying Overnight At The Worst Reviewed Motel In Los Angeles

06 Th12, 2018
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Hope y'all enjoy this experiment, it was definitely a sketchy one. Got another video recommendation? Leave it below i'm reading every comment. leave a like
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  • I appreciate you actually shouting me out instead of just taking the idea cough vice cough much love bro!!

    PhilipSoloTVPhilipSoloTV2 năm trước
    • PhilipSoloTV im pretty sure gordan ramsay did it best but do you.

      majette 100majette 1009 tháng trước
    • All VIworldrs do the same stuff what is everyone talking about.

      Brittany ShawnaeBrittany ShawnaeNăm trước
    • Cough Wolfie cough

      DanielDanielNăm trước
    • Cough faze rug cough

      DanielDanielNăm trước
    • Cough Brennan cough

      deadmanw@lk1ngdeadmanw@lk1ng2 năm trước

    PettyBoyGlizzy GamingPettyBoyGlizzy Gaming2 ngày trước
  • 5:40 said he need mask cause it probably stinks I wish we needed mask for that instead of corona now

    Rip King vonRip King vonTháng trước
  • go to the worst rated barber shop

    C0keboyz35C0keboyz352 tháng trước
  • .

    AsapvirgoAsapvirgo2 tháng trước
  • Nigga said 10 dollar tax😭😭😭😭😭

    Nate NateNate Nate3 tháng trước
  • 317!!!

    Jonathan murilloJonathan murillo4 tháng trước
  • Intro scared the shit out of me 😂😂

    Pharrell BarretPharrell Barret4 tháng trước
  • Shawty voice mesmerizing 😂🔥 if y’all don’t now what that shit is ...hypnotizing

    Pharrell BarretPharrell Barret4 tháng trước
  • Yo put the nut full towel in water if the water white and like glue bitch that shit dirty

    bl36kybl36ky6 tháng trước
  • 5:42 poudii can predict the future

    Kyd-joKyd-jo6 tháng trước
    • what i was thinking

      Thomas SchoonmanThomas Schoonman6 tháng trước
  • Look like an hourly fuck motel....

    Jerry ForwardJerry Forward6 tháng trước
  • That hotel room was used by bang bro’s

    KamariKamari6 tháng trước
  • 5:50 predicted the virus

    johnathan 173johnathan 1738 tháng trước
  • poudii ian tryna make u go broke but u should do go to a 5 star hotel wit ki and vlog it

    DONDON9 tháng trước
  • Eternal atake like the uzi album how you know about it in 2018

    Jay_hundo TVJay_hundo TV10 tháng trước
  • Dude really didnt know what tax was and said “its 80+ tax so 90” that motel worker was dumb as rocks bruh

    SatireSatire11 tháng trước
  • whats her channel name

    Chevaughn GoshineChevaughn Goshine11 tháng trước
    • Chevaughn Goshine ki Casanova

      gifting everyone who subs to megifting everyone who subs to me10 tháng trước
  • Quavo/ Cardi B? On the west coast? That's more suspect than the motel.

  • Wait... .what did he say at 1:59? LOL!

    Kendra C.Kendra C.Năm trước
  • Is that cardi b's cousin

    Aaron SmithAaron SmithNăm trước
  • Poudi cappin I knew for a fact you had her say she didnt wanna stay lmao you're on some bullshit

    realniggashit49realniggashit49Năm trước
  • She looks like Cardi b without makeup on am i wrong 🤷🏽‍♂️

    De LeteDe LeteNăm trước
  • She kept saying what🤣

    Poppin ThomasPoppin ThomasNăm trước
  • There was one 1 star motel i got a electric shock cause a live wire hit the top part of my ear in the bathroom , not to mention the AC/ heater unit had no cover whats so ever and had a small oil drip that caused a big stain on the carpet over time plus the only channel that worked on the tv was the porn channel this was like 15 years ago but gheese that place was a craphole

  • Y’all still fucked in there 😂

    Jake Trajkoski_YTJake Trajkoski_YTNăm trước
  • 20:40 D'OH!- Homer Simpson

    Quake SRKQuake SRKNăm trước
  • Half poudii face look dead it remind me of one of his try not to laughs nigga was laughing out the side his face

    WavvvyMikeWavvvyMikeNăm trước
  • When he explained the wet wipes😭😭😭😭

    Makala RoddyMakala RoddyNăm trước
  • It’s 1:55 in the morning u mean 😂😂

    vRexordKiller -_-vRexordKiller -_-Năm trước
  • The roaches crawl in your ears

    vRexordKiller -_-vRexordKiller -_-Năm trước
  • Bed Bugs...Itch/scratch lmao

    Joshua GreeneJoshua GreeneNăm trước
  • You should do more of these shits funny as fuck

    Michael oMichael oNăm trước
  • ❤️ POUDII ❤️❤️

    Ashley LeongAshley LeongNăm trước
  • End song

    prod.MESSIAH VLEXprod.MESSIAH VLEXNăm trước
  • That’s strings from the pillow case 😂

    Malik NMalik NNăm trước
  • Bruh bring DDG wt you nxt time pls🙏

    Rafael Martin InfiestoRafael Martin InfiestoNăm trước
  • What Sup Fam Blessings More Blessings Too Your Family 🙏. keep grinding! On Them Haters They Stop GOD'S Plan Blessings 🙏

    Jerry SimsJerry SimsNăm trước
  • 7:53 thought he said thanks to ki for fucking me and being knocked out the whole time"😂😂

    JxvierJxvierNăm trước
  • 18:34 she sounds like a white women.

    Jayquan PhiferJayquan PhiferNăm trước
  • Tell me why she remind me of cardi b

    BruhitschrisBruhitschrisNăm trước
  • 4:15 Das me everyday 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂😂 mad wet wipes in the krib

    ValidPurpValidPurpNăm trước
  • So yeen get yo money back

  • This guy getin rich for living poor🤣🤣🤣

    Resod JacksonResod JacksonNăm trước
  • Why would yah put yah book bags there yah no damn well there was hookers getting fucked in there ass there😂😂😂. And let chark stay over night

    Jimalbiea WilliamsJimalbiea WilliamsNăm trước
  • Offset and cardi b impersonators😂😱😱

    Kamille St denisKamille St denisNăm trước
  • I’m sorry but In the thumbnail ki Casanova looking like she got orangutan titties 😂

    Turnt !Turnt !Năm trước
  • Truck stop showers r pretty clean I mean the workers get paid so they'll clean it

    zill lillzill lillNăm trước
  • lol I've been in so much worst hotels in the usa rated like 4 stars

    Hell oHell oNăm trước
  • 😂😂😂😂 they should be condemned 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    Devin & JadaDevin & JadaNăm trước
  • 13:40 😂

    terranterranNăm trước
  • This where cardi b take her victims

    BeegoBeegoNăm trước
  • His responses to the customer reviews had me dead💀😂. Them wipes 😂😂😂

    Miracal MartinMiracal MartinNăm trước
  • Her voice so fine

    Kbk9SlizzyKbk9SlizzyNăm trước
  • Bro u all cap ngga u ain’t stay at the hotel

    Air23Air23Năm trước
  • Poudii P slept with #cardi b

    Young• MystzYoung• MystzNăm trước
  • I don’t know how people use the same towels that like thousands of other people used lol 🥴

    OGBlackBambiOGBlackBambiNăm trước
  • Still better than the EZ8 motel in old town san diego

    SolomioTVSolomioTVNăm trước
  • Niggas need to stop putting Overnight in their Titles if the ain't gonna stay over night...Now I can see if you say just visiting

    Alphonso DolemanAlphonso DolemanNăm trước
  • That's what the you have to do with the females... Hilariously Flirty....saying sexual funny shit...Girls love it...Just saying Poudii.....

    Alphonso DolemanAlphonso DolemanNăm trước
  • 4:23 bruh look at the eyes

    CJ BeastCJ BeastNăm trước
  • I know poudii hittin that

    TyTyNăm trước
  • Tell sad frosty to release that outro song please damn. Shit sound like it slap

    Triple Dubz HighlightsTriple Dubz HighlightsNăm trước
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    L NixonL NixonNăm trước
  • She pretty

    Lily FontaineLily Fontaine2 năm trước
  • wow thats more like a 4 star hotel .. try staying at a true 1 star motel ... only $90? I would live in there for that price .. stupid video thumbs down!

    Living The DreamLiving The Dream2 năm trước
  • Go to the worst barbor shop

    bruhbruh2 năm trước
  • 12 ads dannnng

    xanifyxanify2 năm trước
  • When me and my family we was moving we had to stay at this hotel and they was racist because they charged us more money because we was a different color

    Live TeaLive Tea2 năm trước
  • I hate hotels 😩😷🤦🏽‍♀️

    Lyricalmind24 SimplyMeLyricalmind24 SimplyMe2 năm trước
  • Go watch Dan Bell. More original, more entertaining and less ghetto.

    Michael ShaneMichael Shane2 năm trước
  • Stop saying really rude words it can be offensive towards others

    meme mememe me2 năm trước
  • Watching this just makes me want to soak myself in bleach and take a hour long shower

    Aubrey PaxtonAubrey Paxton2 năm trước
  • Oml I died when you scared her in the bathroom

    Aiva GardnerAiva Gardner2 năm trước
  • there is a motel on 23rd st. and ocean park across the liquor store, in santa monica, where I heard alot of scary stories about I was actually at the liquor store, when a hooker approached me and asked me if I wanted to go to her room and you know the rest, its a sketchy place. Please do a review on it. the name is Pavillions motel, look at the pictures on Yelp and you'll know what I mean.

  • Poudii funny😂😂😂

  • Ki looks a lil like Cardi B but a lot prettier

    Nikki MathersNikki Mathers2 năm trước
  • I love how you talk you sound like cardi b(the girl)

    Jazlyn RamosJazlyn Ramos2 năm trước
  • Bro hahaha This is nothing, come visit Eastern Europe

    mars, the martian.mars, the martian.2 năm trước
  • am i bugging the chick in the video kinda looks like cardi

    BkaragullyBkaragully2 năm trước
  • A/C wasn't even plugged up...

    bigtigga2007bigtigga20072 năm trước
  • Ive stayed in worst...

    bigtigga2007bigtigga20072 năm trước
  • Ki sound like cardi B

    crazy dreads gamingcrazy dreads gaming2 năm trước
  • I’ve seen SOOOOO MANY “staying at the worst hotel” in whatever area and THIS IS SO STAGED!!! First of all that hair on the pillow case was that chick he was with... also, the cups the hotel provided is standard... you’re not staying at a 5* hotel.... this is STAGED!! I’m disliking this because I’m disappointed and can’t even get through the rest of this video... unless I see actual sanitary proof of how dirty this place is I DO not believe these people!!!

    Mels *Mels *2 năm trước
  • You guys really gassed the littlest things! besides the towels and bed everything else is not bad. you are supposed to clean those things for yourself anyway.

    IamCariannaJoIamCariannaJo2 năm trước
  • If yal was a couple y’all would be funny as shit😂😂💯💯

    Nacole LaneNacole Lane2 năm trước
  • This Lxxk Like The Highland Lxwkey 😂😂😂 Was It ?

    Chino951 MayhemClickChino951 MayhemClick2 năm trước
  • She too over dramatic 😴 girl who tf scared of roaches

    D&B MAFIAAD&B MAFIAA2 năm trước
  • ayeee poudii almost at a milli, been here since 100k

    Dom-BDom-B2 năm trước
  • this nigga funny asl

    Dominic ShippDominic Shipp2 năm trước
  • How original

    MeatduckMeatduck2 năm trước
  • She kinda look like cardi 😮

    KaylaKayla2 năm trước
  • u not funny💯

    Yung QuanYung Quan2 năm trước
  • poudi ugly aab

    Yung QuanYung Quan2 năm trước
  • poudi ugly aab

    Yung QuanYung Quan2 năm trước
  • Tbh it wasn’t even bad they just extra

    Keyion RobinsonKeyion Robinson2 năm trước
  • He said they better come with roaches

    Will WillWill Will2 năm trước
  • The amount of ads in this video got me deceased

    Henry MickHenry Mick2 năm trước
  • The sign at 21:11 really says no prostitution I’m dead 💀

    Bad IntentionsBad Intentions2 năm trước
  • What's that last song entro call y'all

    Quendarius MchoneQuendarius Mchone2 năm trước